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The 2023 Corporate Tax Calendar Thumbnail

The 2023 Corporate Tax Calendar

About the author: Lamar Watson, CFP®, is a Fee-Only Financial Advisor in the Washington, D.C., area who works with clients virtually across the country. Dream Financial Planning is a Fiduciary Financial Planning firm specifically designed to help individuals in their 30s and 40s take control of their finances and fulfill their dreams. Feel free to schedule a Free Consultation to learn how we use the DREAM Financial Planning Process ™ to help our clients achieve their goals. 

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If you are a business owner, you have a great deal to think about. Not only are you looking for ways to grow your business, but you are also thinking about ways to save time and money.

You also need to think about your corporate taxes, which can vary depending on whether you have an LLC or an S corporation. Keeping important dates straight can be challenging, so we have created a calendar you can use to keep track of due dates for the 2022 tax year as you file in 2023.


January 17, 2023: This is the due date for Q4-2022 estimated quarterly tax payments. S corporation quarterly taxes for the fourth quarter of 2022 are due.

January 31, 2023: This is the due date for Form 1099-NEC for nonemployee compensation to be filed with the IRS and the deadline for copies to be provided to contractors (if you are a contractor, you should have received this form by this date). It’s also the deadline for sending W-2 forms to employees for the 2022 tax year.


March 1, 2023: Are you a farmer or a fisherman? If you did not pay all your estimated tax payments in 2022, you must file an income tax return and pay any taxes owed by March 1 or face a tax penalty.

March 15, 2023: This is the due date for filing tax returns for S corporations and partnerships with calendar-year businesses. This is also the last day to apply for an extension to file tax returns for S corporations and partnerships.


April 18, 2023: This is the due date for Q1-2023 estimated quarterly tax payments. The deadline for filing sole proprietorship and single-member LLC tax returns on Schedule C is today. Your personal income tax return (Form 1040) and your retirement contributions are also due today. Finally, today is the deadline for filing the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR, Form 8938).


June 15, 2023: This is the due date for Q2-2023 estimated quarterly tax payments.


September 15, 2023: This is the due date for Q3-2023 estimated quarterly tax payments.


October 16, 2023: This is the tax filing extension deadline for sole proprietors and single-member LLCs.

Below is a list of holidays in 2023. If you need to contact the IRS, you can expect not to reach them on these days.

January 2—New Year's Day (observed)
January 16—Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
February 20—Washington's Birthday
April 17—District of Columbia Emancipation Day (observed)
May 29—Memorial Day
June 19—Juneteenth National Independence Day
July 4—Independence Day
September 4—Labor Day
October 9—Columbus Day
November 10—Veterans Day (observed)
November 23—Thanksgiving Day
December 25—Christmas Day

Your corporate taxes represent one of your biggest obligations as a business owner. While this calendar is meant to help, it may not cover all your obligations. Check-in with your trusted tax professionals for assistance in meeting your obligations and preparing your taxes this year.

Work With Us

Wealth Management - Combines ongoing financial planning and investment management. The financial planning fee is waived if we manage at least $500,000 in investments for you. Tax Prep will be included.

Ongoing Financial Planning - Our most popular program now includes tax prep. This is a good fit if you have several goals and want the option to manage your investments. We'll cover everything from spending, insurance, taxes, investments, retirement planning, and estate planning, just to name a few. Our goal is to give you and your family an easy-to-understand comprehensive plan to provide you with confidence you're making the right financial decisions.

One-Time Financial Plan With Ongoing Support - An accelerated version of the service above with additional support for one year after your start date. This service requires prepayment for the year and is offered at a significant discount from the annual pricing for ongoing planning.

Three-Hour Ask Me Anything - This is a good fit if you have 2-3 goals you want help with. These three one-hour meetings need to be completed within three months. The fee for this service is $2,000.    

Financial Coaching - Our financial coaching program starts at $99/month. This is ideal for someone who is looking to simplify and automate their finances. We'll also serve as an accountability partner and help you overcome obstacles that may be stopping you from accomplishing your goals. You can learn more about our coaching program here. If you think this program might be a good fit for you, schedule a 15-Minute Demo.

Tax preparation is now part of the ongoing financial planning program. This will be in addition to the Tax Report we already generate for clients and our work with the IRS Withholding Calculator to help prevent our clients from getting a surprise tax bill.

Paying for College

This service is an ideal fit for parents of high school juniors and seniors with a standardized test score (ACT/SAT) and a list of colleges they're considering. This is included as part of ongoing financial planning or as a stand-alone package. This service includes:

  • A college affordability assessment
  • How Much Colleges Think You Can Afford (EFC) 
  • If You Qualify for Need-based Grants
  • If You Qualify for Merit-based Scholarships
  • Help you search for scholarships
  • 1 Year Out of Pocket Cost (For Each College)
  • 4 Year Out of Pocket Cost (For Each College)    

I hope we get the opportunity to work together. If you'd like to see if any of these services are a good fit for you, feel free to schedule a free consultation or send me an e-mail.

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