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Financial Planning For Young Professionals 

Investment Management, Tax Prep, and Estate Planning

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Our Pillars Washington, D.C. Dream Financial Planning

Our Pillars







Our Benefits Washington, D.C. Dream Financial Planning

Our Benefits

Objective Advice


Flexible Engagements


Collaborative Approach


As your dedicated partner, we always welcome your input and questions because we value teaming up to create a personalized roadmap for your future — one that’s aligned with your vision.

Who We Work With

Young Professionals in their 20s Washington, D.C. Dream Financial Planning

Young Professionals
in Their 20s

Young Professionals in their 30s Washington, D.C. Dream Financial Planning

Young Professionals
in Their 30s

Established Professionals Washington, D.C. Dream Financial Planning


Minorities Washington, D.C. Dream Financial Planning


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Offering Strategic Financial Planning Solutions

Supported by a variety of esteemed alliances and affiliations.

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Our Background and Beliefs

Lamar Watson, CFP® Photo

Lamar Watson, CFP®

Founder & Financial Planner

Lamar Watson founded Dream Financial Planning with the goal of serving the needs of young professionals and minorities who typically don’t have access to Fee-Only and fiduciary financial services. Prior to founding Dream, Lamar worked at a wealth management firm in Reston, VA for over a decade. At his most recent firm, he served as a lead research analyst on a team of advisors that managed approximately $2 Billion in assets. He also served as a Vice President and Financial Advisor in the Private Wealth Management division. In this role, he worked with hundreds of clients across the country to help them meet their financial goals. Lamar’s proprietary process, the DREAM Financial Planning Process™, is the culmination of 17+ years of industry insight and experience.

Born in Washington D.C. and a lifelong resident of Virginia, Lamar is a die-hard fan of many Washington D.C. area sports teams, most notably the Washington Football Team. His love for the team began when his grandfather started taking him to games when he was just eight-years-old. Previously, Lamar served as a volunteer basketball coach for the Chantilly Youth Association and Frederick County Parks and Recreation. In his free time, Lamar enjoys working out, biking on the Washington & Old Dominion Trail, and traveling.

At Dream Financial Planning, our services are rooted in several key beliefs that serve as the foundation for everything we do:

Financial planning should help you live the life you ultimately want.

How we help you do this: by guiding you to the decisions that will lead to the acquisition of the all resources needed to accomplish your goals.

Your financial plan should adapt as your needs and goals evolve.

A living, breathing document, your financial plan is meant to mature as your life does. Therefore, we are constantly looking for ways to keep it optimized.

The most important thing we do: truly listen to you and your story.

More than other financial advisors, we enjoy getting to know you on a personal level because your story ultimately drives our recommendations.

Our value stems from our services and the ongoing education we provide.

In addition to providing objective advice, we pride ourselves on simplifying the complex so you can apply our insights to your everyday life.

Secure Your Financial Future

The DREAM Financial Planning Process™

The DREAM Financial Planning Process™

For Young Professionals

Whether you’re managing student loan debt, starting a family or considering buying a house, the DREAM Financial Planning Process™ is tailored to your unique needs and goals as a young professional.

Catered specifically to those who in their late 20s or 30s, this process focuses more on short and intermediate-term goals while you grow and evolve in your personal and professional life. Since this is a comprehensive process, we typically devote a minimum of 25 hours to individuals and families utilizing this service in year one of our relationship.

Does This Sound Like You?

Stephanie Pharmacy Graduate Washington, D.C. Dream Financial Planning


Pharmacy graduate

Matt and Karen New Family Washington, D.C. Dream Financial Planning

Matt and Karen

New Family

How It Works

Discovery & Debt


Real Estate, Recreation & Retirement


educate & Evaluate


Action Plan


Mutual Commitment & Monitoring

  • Review and agree upon Action Plan. 
  • Schedule quarterly check-ins to ensure Action Plan is being followed. 
  • End of the year benefit elections: Evaluate 401(k) match and employee benefits.
  • Tax season: Ensure you’re taking advantage of tax deductions for student loan repayment, IRA contributions and 529 plans if applicable. 
  • Referral to an accountant if needed. 
  • If we’re managing assets on your behalf, we’ll handle investment selection, portfolio rebalancing and communicate quarterly via email with our thoughts on the market.

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The DREAM Financial Planning Process™

For Established Professionals

The DREAM Financial Planning Process™ for established professionals differs from our young professional process in that every phase of our approach has a significant focus on retirement planning.

Do you know how much you need to retire? Since many established professionals are approaching retirement age, we wanted to create a more customized way of tending to your financial needs and goals. With this process, we’re able to uncover untapped opportunities, as well as discover gaps in your current strategy that could be preventing you from enjoying a long and fulfilling retirement. This process is appropriate for those who are 20 years or less away from retirement.

Does This Sound Like You?


Established Professional

What You Can Expect

Discovery & Data Collection


Retirement & Risk Management


explore & Enhance


Action Plan & Asset Allocation


Mutual Commitment & Monitoring


Get Retirement Ready

Our Clients Can Expect

  • A Personalized Investment Policy Statement.
  • Customized portfolio using globally diversified, tax-efficient, low-cost investments.
  • On-going monitoring and rebalancing of your investment portfolio.
  • Client assets are held at TD Ameritrade.

We don’t try to beat the market; we try to stop the market from beating us.

We work with our clients to help them take the emotions out of investing. There are several emotional and cognitive biases that negatively affect investor returns. Some of the biases that we think are most common are over confidence bias, confirmation bias and loss aversion.

With over 17 years of experience we’ve developed and refined a process to help our clients combat these biases and improve investment returns. Most importantly, we don’t try to time the market.

Don’t Try to Time the Market


Managing Risk




Gain Clarity

Into Your Portfolio

What is The Risk Number®?

Your investment risk number is:



Calculated based on downside risk

When you work with Dream Financial Planning, we’ll craft a customized investment strategy that aligns with your preferred risk tolerance. Our free quiz evaluates a number of factors such as your portfolio size, goals and risk tolerance. In addition to explaining your risk score, the quiz will also provide insight into how to match your allocation with your preferences, as well as the performance you can expect based on your risk score.

Take the Next Step to Investment Success

Get Your Score

Solutions Designed with You in Mind

When it comes to money, there is a wide range of ways you can manage it. For some people, advice here and there is all they need. For others, comprehensive, long-term guidance is the most beneficial route.

That’s why we offer multiple ways to engage with us — because simplifying the complexities of your financial life is what we do best.

What We Offer

Financial Topic

three-Hour Ask Me Anything

Learn More >

Ongoing Financial Planning

Learn More >


Learn More >


Retirement Planning

401(k) Analysis

Insurance Planning

Investment Management

Investment Advice

Estate Planning Review

Tax Planning and Tax Preparation

Additional support for life changes

Financial Position Statement

Employee Benefits Review

Quarterly Check-Ins

Annual Review

View Our Fees

What It Costs

Our Fees

Ongoing Financial Planning


$999 initial fee and $400+/month


$1,499 initial fee and  $600+/month

  • Tax Preparation is included at no additional cost.
  • Six month minimum commitment for ongoing planning.
  • One time Financial Plans, with ongoing support for the the year, starting at $4,800 for individuals and $6,500 for couples.
  • No minimum assets under management requirement. 
  • Ongoing Financial Planning clients receive a 50% discount on Investment Management.
  • Prices vary based on complexity and will be quoted after a Complimentary Consultation. 
  • One-time plan or projects: $400 an hour. For every hour of meeting time there is at least one additional hour billed for meeting prep.  

three-Hour Ask Me Anything


investment Management

Account Value

Annual Fee

$0 - $100,000


$100,001 - $300,000


$300,001 - $600,000


$600,001 - $1,000,000


$1,000,001 - $5,000,000


$5,000,001 and Above


Financial Planning fees are waived for clients with a minimum of $1,000,000 in our Investment Management Program.

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Dream Financial Planning is an independent, fee-only financial firm that offers a variety of financial planning services.


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Our Professional Insights

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Every Financial Plan Begins with a Dream

The things you want out of life should not sit on a shelf and collect dust.

We’re here to breathe life back into your dreams so you can utilize your wealth to its fullest potential. With our support, your finances will no longer hinder your progress, but rather lay the foundation for all your future endeavors. We look forward to working with you!

Dream Financial Planning

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